Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trunk font finished

Here is the finished alphabet and two close ups of letters P and A, I've chosen some nice earthy tones for this one. My hand hurts now so I shall go and rest it up for another day of wacky adventure drawing tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love it so much, your work is beautiful! Came across these guys tonight and thougth you'd like it:
Tania xx

Joel, and I'm an said...

I really love this. It reminds me somewhat of the Berenstein Bears books, which brings back good childhood memories.

Anonymous said...

This font is an absolute treat!

Love it, love the veritable array of blue tits above too, love your whole page in fact it's a barnstormer...woohoo.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment you left me. I'm stoked you did as you've inspired me to go into the woods and roll around and hug a tree oh and to do some much needed new drawings!