Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cloud and rain - the order of today

This is my visual representation of todays weather and the flowers at the allotment...or an excuse to draw cloud and rain...you decide!


carina said...

wow, your drawings are so beautiful. i would love to get a tattoo of something of yours. i really love the poppies (my favorite flowers by far) and the drawing of the bird made up of tinier birds. i love love your lines and detail.

carina said...

my, i said "love" a lot in that comment

roo said...

Hey Claire, I came across your page y'day whilst researching Central St Martins (I hope to go there next year and do a foundation as a mature (22!) student) - really like your style and the nature/human conflict ideas... mine's quite simular although a *lot* less refined. I'm always collecting weird bits of wood and drawing it, am fascinated by roots and I tend to do a lot of my work with a BIC softfeel fine or fineliner.

Check out my blog if you get five minutes and maybe drop some tips on getting in to St Martins? *begs* :)

I've been working soul destroying jobs in the S. Wales valleys since my GCSE's and I'm dying to get away to the big city and concentrate on something I love, but I'm a bit lost with regard to getting a folio together, it'd be nice to chat with someone who's been there AND got the tee!


- Roo