Friday, May 25, 2007

People skills...questionable?

I was recently asked, when showing my portfolio, the question that puts the fear into many an illustrator of all things nature/environmental based... Do you draw people? to which I replied "Yeah sure" - when really the sensible voice inside my head saying "No! of course I don't draw people" was actually being choked in a head lock by the voice in my head that cannot walk away from a challenge and laughs in the face of adversity.

So over the past couple of weeks I have been practicing on a nearly daily basis my people drawing skills. Now there has always been a reason for me not really being over keen on drawing people and that was possibly born out of an embarrassment when I got it wrong,. And by wrong I mean the person not really looking like the person they are supposed to and when it does look like them the person don't like it because they think they look ugly... not my fault!

Whether I like it or not, as an illustrator, I need to be able to draw people, and not just be able to draw them but draw them with confidence and my own stamp of Skulliness to boot. And never one to walk away from a challenge the re-education of people skills has begun.

Anyway, after a few gamy hands, a club foot and a couple of wonky eyes, I am starting to get to the point of liking my people drawings, enough to post a blog anyhoo.

So watch this space for more special (needs) drawings...

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