Thursday, September 03, 2009

And so the new season begins

morning all. I love September. It don't mess about. Gets stuck right in to autumn to the very day. I like autumn. You know where you stand with a season like autumn. Summers are so disappointingly random it's nice to have a little consistency for a while. Anyway. In a moment of despair the other night, I was telling a friend about having drawing ache, I think I had been drawing for the best part of each day for about 9 days at that point. I was a little low. So he wrote me a poem:

i have drawing ache
i badly need a drawing brache
i always mache the same mistache
i think it's time for chokolate cache

Thank you Ben


Miles Alexander Hart said...

If in doubt, go for the cake. Always a winner =)

petescully said...

my computer is always telling me to clear my cache; now i think it's telling me to either eat up or go on a diet! I love autumn, but prefer october, especially here where september was full of 100 degree heat. Now it's october i can wear jumpers at last.
Hope you and all are well!