Monday, November 09, 2009

Leave it out....

I can't stop picking these up, autumn leaves are just so amazing. I think I have a problem.

...sorry about the title...


mrYen said...

they all look great and i know what you mean, i recently did the same thing -

Anonymous said...

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Sorry for offtopic

Emma said...

I'm doing that all the time aswell. And not just leaves, it can be anything really, nature stuff or what other people would call "crap". Latley I found a very exciting piece of glass, and I picked it up, of course, and now it's enjoying itself at my window ledge :)
Do you ever throw away your leaves?

The Quiet Revolution said...

I try to press them and keep them in a file!

Anonymous said...

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suzyqandtheowls said...

best title!

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