Friday, April 30, 2010

Creative Space

Your work space is a very important part of your creative process. I thought I'd share a little of the space around me when I work.

Birds, birds, birds, dinosaurs, feathers, Japanese prints, mountains and space.

to explain: round my house, if you like something A LOT, then you are gay for it. it's a term of absolute endearment, for example: I am gay for birds, tree's, pens and sci-fi. Not only does it mean you like something but it means you are also a little obsessed with it.

Pick Me Up: the show I have been taking part in this week and on till 3rd May 2010.

As always Charlie my old boy cat. 18 and counting!

1 comment:

Charlotte Alice said...

What a lovely space! I always wanted one of those Lost at Sea dino rings. A great combo of wood grain and dinosaur.